HTML and Video and Backgrounds - Oh My!

On a boring Sunday afternoon at CMU in 1994, my dad did the most awesome thing ever. He logged me into a Sparcstation, launched Mosaic, and told me to take it for a spin. It was undeniably badass and got me hooked on hypertext.

My first webpage was your standard Model T: flat, all text, and unabashedly gray. Shortly thereafter, I took full advantage of HTML 3.2, adding gaudy neon backgrounds and tables.

Over caffeinated and 11 years old, I mainlined tacky web trinkets. Hit counters, marquees, Java applets, animated gifs — everything. And I didn't care how it affected my Page Rank, load time, or cross browser compatibility. I was too busy having a great time.

Fast forward 20 years and not much has changed. Today I'm playing with video backgrounds. HTML5 video backgrounds to be exact, powered by jquery.videoBG from Syd Lawrence.

Here's a demo my younger self would have been proud of.

Setup is a breeze, just define the source mp4/ogg/webm videos and point the script at a div or body tag. There's also a static fallback for unsupported browsers & mobile.



It's not a killer app, but it is a blast to play with! And that's just it: the web should be fun. If toddlers can turn cardboard boxes into rocket ships and race cars, imagine what you can do with a little JavaScript.

So today, instead of stressing over API rate limits, unit tests, and 'not provided' search keywords — take a break and do something that makes you smile!

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