Plumbing the Depths

Last month I wrote about analytics and measuring key metrics instead of everything. Today, in that same vein, I want to highlight a tool which provides specific and actionable data about your site’s visitors.

Scroll Depth, written by Rob Flaherty, records a user’s ‘scroll depth’ via the Google Analytics Event API. Why is this data desirable? Because it enables you to see what’s going on below the fold.

With zero configuration, Scroll Depth reports when you reach the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points and how long it took to get there. It can also record when you scroll in key DOM elements like divs containing sales copy & call-to-action buttons.

So, let’s say your A/B testing short and long landing pages. How can you tell if and how long the average visitor spends reading copy below the fold? Bookend it with empty span tags and include the ids when you initialize the plugin. I think you can do the math from there.

```js // no configuration, report if & when user reaches 25/50/75/100% scroll points $.scrollDepth();

$.scrollDepth({ // don’t track scroll depth for pages shorter than 2500 pixels minHeight: 2500,

// track when you scroll key elements into view elements: [‘#email_button’, ‘#intro_video’] }); ```

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