Mind the MacGap

Have you ever written a JavaScript webapp? Yes? Awesome. How about a desktop app? Like a ‘double click on this icon to launch it’ app. No? Me neither — until last week.

With MacGap from Alex MacCaw, it only took me 20 minutes to convert my webapp, Bossmode, into a stand alone .app for OSX.

Bossmode screenshot


Since the app was built in CSS/JS/HTML, I didn’t have to learn Objective-C, rebuild the interface, or give up my responsive Bootstrap layout.

MacGap is comprised of two things:

  1. An Xcode project that wraps your webapp in a Webview container
  2. A JavaScript API for OS resources (e.g. clipboard & notifications)

After copying your source into the /public directory and fixing any resource / path issues, you’ll be able to compile & run it from the desktop. And bonus — you can publish it in the App Store!

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