Brute Forcing Contact Info

Today’s open source project has a high potential for abuse, but I hope you’ll take the high road. Months back I wrote about validating email addresses by pinging SMTP servers. It was a fun trick, though not very practical.

Now with from Jordan Wright, you can anonymously and programmatically lookup any email address via Rapportive & LinkedIn.

```python from rapportive import rapportive print rapportive.request(“[email protected]”)

Name: Neal Shyam

# Account Manager ADstruc # Co-Founder The AudioShocker Podcast # Editor Git @ Me # Twitter # LinkedIn # GitHub # Google+ ```

Why is this a big deal? Because, coupled with commonly used email address patterns, it’s trivial to brute force a LinkedIn member’s contact & employment information. So trivial in fact, that I wrote a script to do it for you. Please use it responsibly.

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