Just-In-Time Blogging

Static site generators like Jekyll are rad because they let authors focus on content rather than their CMS. For example, the entire Git @ Me site is written in markdown, compiled into HTML, and then uploaded to my web server.

But, what if you could avoid the HTML bit entirely? In other words: write posts in markdown, upload them to the server, fin.

That’s exactly what Jr. from David Pennington does. It uses JavaScript to render your site on-demand, eliminating the need for static HTML files. The markdown code below is all it took to create this demo. No joke.

```html # Say hello to Jr.

This is a demo of David Pennington’s client-side static site generator.

The whole page is regular markdown (except for the jr.js load)


For basic bloggers & the CMS averse, this may be just want you need.


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