Streamlined Supercuts

If you’re a modern TV fan like me, you’re probably familiar with supercuts, those cheeky video compilations like “Every explosion in 24” or “Every Danger Zone reference in Archer.” They’re endlessly entertaining, but quite tedious to produce.

So, what if you could use subtitles and pattern searching to programmatically create supercuts? Imagine running through all 8 seasons of Full House and pulling every single clip of Uncle Jesse’s catchphrase, “Have mercy!”

With Videogrep you can do all that and more. Sam Lavigne’s Python package is a command line interface for searching, randomizing, padding, and compiling clips. It even supports regex & hypernym searches!

Here’s one I made of every phrase with the word “guys” from S03E14 of Happy Endings, (tragically cancelled before its time). Enjoy!

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2017 Neal Shyam