Nice Pipes

I’m comfortable running commands and making edits in the console, but I don’t like consuming information that way. Perhaps it’s just me, but paging through blocks of monospaced text in a terminal window is no fun.

That’s why I was excited to discover bcat from Ryan Tomayko. It lets me pipe standard output directly to my browser, so it’s great for previewing markdown, tailing logs, and reviewing long files.

Here’s a sample of what bcat can do out of the box:

```sh # pipe plaintext to default browser $ echo “hola!” | bcat

pipe HTML to Safari

$ echo “<h1>WebKit FTW</h1>” | bcat -b safari

process markdown and then pipe output

$ echo “ZOMG italics!” | markdown | bcat

simultaneously output to console & browser

$ markdown | btee ```

Install the Ruby gem and take it for a spin!

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