Put Your Phone in Motion

I like hackathons for two reasons:

  1. They facilitate massive creativity in minimal time.
  2. The demos and awards are often just the beginning.

A great example of this is sense.js, created by Edwin Zhang and his team at GreylockU’s Hackfest.

sense.js is an interaction library for mobile browsers. Instead of capturing touch gestures, it enables motion controls using your entire phone. Want to flick your phone to fire a callback? Done. How about tilt scrolling with just 1 line of code? Easy. XYZ orientation tracking? You know it.

With all the tedious bits wrapped up in a neat API, sense.js will have you up and running in a snap. This library is really fun and very hackable. Check out the demos on your phone.

FYI, the project is active and looking for pull requests / suggestions, so get on it!

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2017 Neal Shyam