Look Ma, No Server!

I’ve been on a client-side kick lately; I publish static blogs with Jekyll, store data in Firebase & local storage, and push metrics to Keen IO.

Until recently, handling downloads was the exception, requiring client ⇌ server interaction. But with Downloadify, I can now create and initiate downloads entirely client-side.

Written by Douglas Neiner, this library generates text files via JavaScript and uses a button made from an invisible Flash widget + a png sprite to initiate downloads.

This demo (adapted from the original & only for desktop browsers with Flash) creates an .ics file on the fly, which you can import into your calendar.

Here’s the catch: Downloadify is a little outdated - the latest commit is from 2009 - but it’s a still solid library, with built-in helpers for jQuery & MooTools. If you like what you see, open a pull request.

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