Async Recruiting

In college, recruiting meant job fairs and shabby suits. In B-school it was a clean shave and writing upside down at case interviews. Since then, I’ve made slide decks, played ping pong, and met founders at bars. But I always feel uneasy at first interviews.

I think part of the problem is that traditional recruiting is synchronous: you’re on the phone, chatting on Skype, or locked in the same room together. Conversations can easily turn into interrogations. But what if you took an async approach?

At Union Square Ventures, job applications are short: you submit links that represent you / your work and two brief (<2 min) videos explaining why you’re interested in the job & what inspires you. The application looks like this, and funnels everything into a screening queue.

It’s not just about saving time either. I think this approach puts introverts & extroverts on an even playing field, encourages high quality applications, and let’s candidates be themselves.

Build your own video job application with Oliver Friedmann’s open source ApplicantTracking project. It uses Ziggeo’s API for video recording/hosting.

BTW, we’re hiring Ruby developers at ChallengePost.

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