The Juice is Loose

Whenever you publish new content: videos, blogs, infographics — anything with a unique URL — you want to know if it’s got any juice. Why? Because more juice ➟ more traffic ➟ more revenue.

Since social media reacts in real-time, I recommend measuring your juice with Abe Haskins’s (heretofore underrated) Shares.js node module. It reports how many times a link has been shared across the most popular social networks.

Shares.js is great for web projects or rolling your own social juice-o-meter. In just a few lines of code, you can build a tool that audits your content everyday:

```js // you could run this via cron & email yourself a daily report var shares = require(‘shares’);

function getCounts(url){ shares.get(url).then(function (counts) { console.log(url, “\n”, counts, “\n”); }); }

// load up this array with URLs or build a command line interface var urls = [ ‘’, ‘’, ];

for (var x=0; x < urls.length; x++){ getCounts(urls[x]); }

/* OUTPUT { reddit: 12, linkedin: 3, stumbleupon: 168, facebook: 339, twitter: 469, pinterest: 18, buffer: 13 } { twitter: 105, linkedin: 6, stumbleupon: 0, facebook: 11, pinterest: 0, buffer: 3, reddit: 0 }

*/ ```

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