The Short & Curlies

Web designers make a lot of noise about fonts, colors, and the like — but it’s surprising how many avoid basic typography issues like curly quotes and proper dash usage.

Well, apparently that bothered Seb Pearce enough for him to create Curlify.

Curlify uses a battery of regex filters to convert single quotes (singles, double, and apostrophes) into their curly and print ready equivalents upon page load. It’ll also fix your em & en dashes:

```html ‘Twas a grand ‘ole night for me. ’Twas a grand ’ole night for me.

“That’s a ‘magic’ sock.” “That’s a ‘magic’ sock.”

‘That freeze-dried sock - from 1800-1817 - is “magic.”’ “That freeze-dried sock — from 1800–1817 — is ‘magic.’” ```

FYI — this method doesn’t use HTML entities. If that bothers you, fork the project and submit a pull request!

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