Texts My Jam!

Everybody has their own criteria about what makes a great hackathon project, but mine is pretty simple: will I still be using it in a week?

It’s been 4 days since Andrew Breckenridge’s team demoed Play My Jam at BoilerMake and I’m still digging it.

This Twilio / YouTube mashup streams music to your smartphone using — wait for it — phone calls.

Play My Jam SMS interface _Play My Jam can search by song or artist_

How it works:

  1. Text your favorite artist or song to 918.212.9899.
  2. The app searches YouTube for the corresponding video / artist’s most popular song.
  3. The app texts you back to confirm the song.
  4. Finally, the app uses YouTubeInMP3’s API to call you back & play the song.

Play My Jam is fun, hackable, and just might motivate you to pick up once in a while.

Want to play a fun game? Send your friends a song with this syntax: {song/artist} -num {xxx.xxx.xxxx}. But be warned, things can escalate quickly.

FYI: since this is a hack — you may get some errors.

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