Diagnose Table-Flippy CSS

This is my development process:

  1. Experience a brief burst of inspiration
  2. Go to bar, enjoy a lager, and formulate a solution
  3. Bang head against the wall until code works

It’s not particularly efficient, but it works for me. The problem is that some things are a lot harder to figure out than others:

Easy: How do I handle command line arguments?
Not so bad: Why is this for loop all fubar?
Table-flip: OMG, where is that 3px of left padding coming from?!

Since a lot of my projects involve CSS and tables are expensive, I’m glad that I discovered Pesticide from Adam Morse. This CSS add-in does exactly one thing: add a colored outline around every element on your page.

Pesticide demo

Pesticide quickly diagnoses CSS layout issues and will save you a fortune on furniture. You can use it via Chrome extension, bookmarklet, or stylesheet.

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