Li-UBER-rate Your Data

My friends and I are quite fond of Uber. It’s a nice treat and we always arrive at our destination feeling like rockstars.

It’s easy to forget that every ride generates a lot of data for Uber — data which is responsible for its $40B+ valuation. And since we created that data, we should have full access to it, right?

We do, sort of. You can view your entire Uber history online, but there’s no download button. So, although it’s available, it’s effectively landlocked.

Fortunately, Chris Whong, a civic & transit hacking icon, stepped up. His Uber trip script allows you to download & liberate all of your ride data: fares, map traces, driver info, ride ratings, start/end addresses, time/date, etc. — all in one geoJSON file. Even the official API can’t do that!

Here’s a plot of all my rides in NYC. Can you tell where I live?

My NYC Uber rides

Wanna make your own map? Follow the instructions!

2017 Neal Shyam