GameDev with GLAM

On Monday night I made my first 3D game. It’s called BubbleZap 3D and the goal is to pop 50 floating bubbles in 60 seconds. It’s harder than it looks, so don’t forget to move around and look up/down.

How did I make it? I used GLAM, a framework for creating & animating 3D web content using WebGL & semantic markup. It’s the brainchild of Tony Parisi, one of the guys who created VRML back in 1994.

Although BubbleZap is basically a re-skin of Tony’s Bubble Pop demo with some added game logic, it illustrates several key effects:

The biggest advantage of using GLAM is that you can create, style, and control scenes using HTML, CSS and JS. So if you know basic web development, you can program in 3D too. Bonus: it supports Cardboard and Oculus VR!

GLAM is in active development, so don’t hesitate to get involved. You can find more examples in the demo gallery.

FYI: BubbleZap is a bit of a CPU hog, but as long as you’re patient and using Chrome, it should load on your tablet, phone, or computer.

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2017 Neal Shyam