Who Really Understands SEO?

I know I’ve been writing about JavaScript a lot recently. I’ll do my best to find some awesome Ruby / Python / PHP projects next week!

During a recent search engine optimization (SEO) audit, I realized that I had no idea what my search rankings were or how to track them. Since then, I’ve added “learn about SEO” to my quarterly goals.

I found a bunch of SaaS products for monitoring search engine results page (SERP) rankings, but I wanted to learn by hacking. I think I’ve found a solution in GoogleScraper. Created by Thomas Blanc-Hector, this node module runs keyword searches and returns the results as an array of links.

All you have to do is define a keyword, specify how deep you want to search, and let ‘er rip! BTW, you should clone the repo and install from source. The npm package is outdated.


The list won’t be in the exact same order as your own Google searches, but it should be close. Bottom line: if you don’t see your site within the first 10–15 results, you’ve got a problem.

What I like most about GoogleScraper is how simple it is. Behind the scenes, it’s just running Google searches, downloading the HTML, and extracting links which match a particular CSS class. There aren’t any subscriptions, API keys, or exotic dependencies.

For continuous monitoring, write a script to loop through your top keywords and email the results to you every week. Shouldn’t take more than a few lines of JavaScript and a cron job.

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