Alt text, just a tweet away

Last weekend, Cameron Cundiff did the world a solid by making the web more accessible at NYU’s ABILITY Hackathon.

His project, @alt_text_bot, provides alt text for images on Twitter. All you have to do is Tweet or RT an image @alt_text_bot and it’ll tweet you back with a text description.

It can recognize text, objects, people, and yes — memes too!

@alt_text_bot is a clever hack and takes advantage of CloudSight’s image recognition API. And with a little more love, it could be a huge benefit to anybody with a visual impairment.

And actually, there’s no reason to stop there. Why not add alt text to every image on the web? Or translate it into other languages? How about Instagram / Flickr integrations?

If you like this project or you’re interested in assistive technology, please please please join the AT&T NYU Connect Ability Challenge. Because, the last thing the world needs is another weather / hook up app. (And if that’s not enough, there are $90K in prizes.)

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2017 Neal Shyam