Better web UX with deep links

Have you ever wondered why more publishers don’t have “Share on WhatsApp” buttons on their mobile sites?” I mean, it’s pretty popular (500M+ users).

As with Facebook and Twitter, you can send data to WhatsApp through special deep links. The thing is, WhatsApp doesn’t have a true web client, so there’s no way to handle unsupported platforms or users without the app.

You can overcome all of that with Tim Severien’s deep-link.js plugin. It lets you embed deep links in web pages, manage visibility, and specify fallbacks for unsupported platforms.

For example, ChallengePost’s Summer Jam site has a WhatsApp link that only shows up on mobile and prompts you to install the app if necessary.

deep-link.js in action

All it took was two lines of code:

```html <!– This is a mobile-only WhatsApp deep-link. You can add an href attribute as a fallback.

FYI, message text must be URL encoded. –>

Share on WhatsApp

``` The big win with deep-link.js is reduced user friction. And for Summer Jam, that means more sharing, more registrations, and more hacks!

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2017 Neal Shyam