Better URLs for Google Drive

I have a love/hate relationship with Google Docs. I love the revision control and any time/place/platform access. But, I hate the way it organizes files (it doesn’t) and I don’t like how the URLs are total gibberish:

Of course, you can use a shortener like or, but you still end up with gibberish ( Fortunately, if you’re a Google Apps user, you can take advantage of some nifty permissions, a little Java, and Google’s App Engine to create better sharing URLs.

Super Share, built by Robert Lancer, serves files from your Google Drive via a custom subdomain and without Google’s interface/branding.

So, instead of long ugly URLs, you can use something more memorable, like Robert has a great slide deck explaining Super Share which, conveniently, you can find at or embedded below:

<iframe src=”” frameborder=0 style=”height:500px;width:100%;”/></iframe>

If your business relies on sharing files stored on Google Drive, take a closer look at Super Share.

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