Build mobile apps without mobile developers

Fact: I’m awful at mobile apps. I’ve tried Java, Swift, and Objective C, but it never works out. Every app I’ve written has been a colossal failure that just barely limped along. And it doesn’t help that native IDEs have such steep learning curves.

Fact: I’m good at web apps. I can write JS/CSS/HTML, design mobile first, account for offline, etc. But, that won’t get me on the ‘top paid apps’ list, will it?

Actually, it might. With Nabil Freeman’s Android & iOS Webview Boilerplates, I can take my webapps native without hiring specialized developers.

For example, I made apps for in about an hour — most of which was spent upgrading Xcode, installing Android Studio, and creating app icons. I could even sell these on the AppStore or Google Play.

Here’s a screencast from my phone:

Install Blerg Me on your Android by downloading the APK.

Get the iOS boilerplate. Get the Android boilerplate.

FYI, I had to futz with Gradle to get my Android app working. Hopefully Nabil will accept my PR soon.

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