Throw out the rulebook

All puzzle games (Tetris, 2048, Angry Birds, Dots, etc.) get harder as you progress, but it’s rarely a surprise. Gameplay tends to be predictable and repetitive. You move to a new level. The blocks move faster. You need to get a power up. There’s more blue dots than red dots. There’s not much to learn after the first 5 minutes.

But with Split Stick, nothing stays the same. Two players sharing a single controller must work together to control motion / action and figure out the rules as they go — because they keep changing!

Watch the video below to see how it works and affects the players. At best, they can anticipate that there will be a change, but not how it will affect them. I think it’s an awesome game mechanic.

Split Stick was created by Mark Müller, Stefan Chavdarov, and Scott Gibson. You can download the source (Unity / C#) and Windows binaries on the 2015 Global Game Jam site.

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2017 Neal Shyam