What's for lunch?

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Americans are weird about eating lunch at work. We treat it as a chore, often eating at our desks, cramming our face between meetings, and settling for mediocre sandwiches.

Frankly, I suspect that my office mates care more about their coffee, as evidenced by our three coffee making apparatus. Thankfully, we’re located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District where exciting restaurants abound (btw, we’re hiring). That just leaves the one very #firstworldproblem: “what do I want to eat?”

Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Jack Palmer, all you have to do is spin the Wheel of Lunch and prepare to be wowed. WoL will figure out where you are, pick 12 nearby lunch spots, randomly select one for you, tell you where it is, and celebrate your good gustatory fortune with some HTML5 confetti.

Wheel of Lunch in action

Before you dismiss it as yet another colorful API mashup, dig into the code. Under the hood, WoL uses Google Places, canvas, geo-ip location, a custom REST API, canvas elements, a decent amount of geometry, and an auto-expanding search algorithm to ensure that it returns 12 locations no matter where you are.

And like any great open source project, Wheel of Lunch is hackable. For example, I stripped out the geo-location & Places bits to create my Wheel-O-Hackathons.

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