Slack, do you even lift?

This is our 100th issue!!

I joined a new gym last weekend and before the ink was dry, they gave me the hard sell for personal training. Betrayed by my Yale Hack t-shirt and slouchy shoulders, the head trainer quickly surmised that I work in tech, sit at a desk all day, have tight hips, and don’t get much exercise beyond the elliptical.

Basically, this is me.

So yeah, my first session is on Monday. 🙈

Perhaps, what I really need is to integrate fitness into my work routine. For example, I could setup Brandon Shin’s Slackbot-workout plugin. 💪

Slackbot-workout is, like any good invisible app, super simple. Once you set it up, it publically assigns a random team member to do pushups every 30-40 minutes. That’s it. Of course, you can blow it off, but then you’ll have to answer to your teammates. 😱

Slackbot-workout in action

Add Slackbot-workout to your team by following the instructions in the readme.

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