Stop rage quits with this 1 easy trick

Two weeks ago, Isis Wenger was in subway ad. A few Interturds said some dumb stuff and it led to this.

A few days later, I came across Frustrated.js, one of Isis’s repos, and it’s hilariously awesome.

Frustrated.js listens for customerFrustrated events on your site, which are triggered by rapid-fire clicking — the type associated with UI freezing, long delays, and other table-flip-inducing bugs in your app.

Try it out for yourself, I’ll wait.

Frustrated.js in action

Sure, it has comedic value, but Frustrated.js is actually being used in production. Mixpanel and Google Analytics can tell you about success & drop off rates for specific actions in your app, but they can’t help you diagnose when or why users lose it and rage quit.

If you logged every customerFrustrated event and the page it occurred on, you could objectively identify the most frustrating parts of your site and actually do something about them. How’s that for actionable metrics?

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