Want some browser with your tabs?

Hi, my name is Neal and I’m a tab addict. At any given time, I’ve got 3-4 browser windows open, each with 5-25 tabs.

On multiple occasions, I’ve crashed my quad-core MacBook Pro just by opening a bunch of GitHub tabs. It’s a real problem and I’m not the only one suffering:

Inspired by that tweet, Robin Drexler is helping hopeless tab addicts like me reenter normal society with Tab Tamer.

Robin’s Chrome extension only allows you to have 10 tabs open at a time. If you open an 11th tab, the leftmost one drops off. If you really need to access closed tabs, you can always use the History-> Recently closed menu option.

Here it is in action. Note how the orange Hacker News tab moves to the left and eventually falls off:

Tab Tamer isn’t in the Chrome store yet, but you can download and install it locally as an unpacked extension.

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