Dude, where's my lat/long?

While digging through GitHub this week, I found a fun repo that takes advantage of Apple’s CoreLocation API. CoreLocationCLI, written by William Entriken, reports your current latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, and heading in your terminal.

CoreLocationCLI screenshot

I know it’s just an API wrapper, but you don’t need any geo-ip libraries or databases to get an accurate location—just good Wi-Fi.

To continuously monitor your location or speed / altitude, just omit the -once YES flag and CoreLocationCLI will repeat until you kill it. You can also format the output using the -format flag, which is useful for data logging.

How accurate is the CoreLocation API? According to Google Maps, very. The blue dot below represents where Google thinks I am, while the red marker is the lat/long from CoreLocationCLI.

Verifying CoreLocationCLI's output vs. Google Maps
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