Tweet and deliver

In Slack, everyone’s favorite office chat time waster, you can post gifs really easily:

Giphy on Slack demo

But Twitter, for all it’s memey-ness, makes you upload gifs manually, like it’s 2013 or something. Surely there’s a better way, right?

Yep. It’s called slashgif and you can thank Karan Goel for saving you all those crucial seconds.

slashgif is a Python3 Twitter bot that, when mentioned, searches Giphy for an appropriate image and then tweets back at everyone mentioned - like this:

Why is this so cool? Because slashgif is the ultimate Twitter bot starter kit. It handles all of the basics for you:

The Giphy portion is straightforward too—it’s like one API call, but you can swap that out for any action you want. Return a song from Spotify, a video from YouTube, or don’t search at all and just RickRoll people on demand.

How am I going to use slashgif? I’m modding it to highlight my favorite Devpost projects with custom generated gif whenever I tweet about them. It’s gonna be sweet.

Now, stop thinking about “wouldn’t it be cool if when I tweeted…” and go build yourself a bot!

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2017 Neal Shyam