Need 2 Read

When I was searching for Kindle hacks, I came across Nick White’s getxbook project, which enables you to download entire books from Google, Amazon (Look Inside previews), and Barnes & Noble. It’s written in C and comes with some interesting utility scripts.

When you provide the appropriate getxbook program (getabook for Amazon) with a suitable identifier, it attempts to find all the image files that comprise the book preview and download them as JPGs.

To get a sample of Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves from Amazon, I’d run getabook 0062190377, which refers to the hardcover’s ASIN number.

Additionally, with the script, you can use ImageMagick and Tesseract to OCR and convert the images into a text file.

It’s a bootleg solution, but still pretty neat. And with Google Books, it may just be worth it, since you can often download entire titles from Google.

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2017 Neal Shyam