Signature of the times

Thanks to the proliferation of Square card readers & POS terminals, signing for purchases on iPads and email receipts are the norm in Brooklyn. And I dig it, because the digital pads & stylii at the grocery store / CVS are awful.

I also like how I can scan a copy of your signature in Preview on OSX and use that to e-sign documents. That’s how I signed all my coop application forms.

But, the $10,000,000 question is: “can you do that on the web?” YES! All you need is Szymon Nowak’s excellent Signature Pad JavaScript library.

Signature Pad uses HTML Canvas and some spline interpolation magic from Square to create a very fluid signature pad. The best part? you can save / export your signature as a base64 encoded PNG for later use.

```javascript // save signature as base64 encoded PNG signaturePad.toDataURL();

// redraw signature
signaturePad.fromDataURL(“…”); ```

Try the live demo on your computer, phone, or tablet.

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2017 Neal Shyam