Dungeons & Dragons & software

There are literally thousands of RPG software projects on GitHub. Despite 8th gen gaming consoles with photorealistic graphics, VR, and MMORPGs, people are still sitting around rolling dice.

Are we over engineering fun? ¯\(ツ)/¯

Interested in building your own Nintendo-era Final Fantasy game? There’s a Bootstrap inspired CSS toolkit for that. And yes, there’s an RPG icon font modeled after Font-Awesome too.

If you’re a D&D purist, you might scoff at the idea of letting a computer create your character. But hey, software is eating the world, computers are winning at Go, and PHP can come up with a name for your chaotic-neutral pyromancer.

And let’s not forget about those dice. I found over 100 dice roll libraries. Whether you need something simple or advanced, you’ll find one in your favorite language.

1d6 says what?

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