Talk to her

I recently bought an Amazon Echo and I’ve been having a lot of fun asking Alexa to tell me about the weather, play my favorite songs, and set timers in the kitchen—all hands free.

I haven’t hacked with it yet, but my buddy Kunal Batra wrote a cool Swift app that puts Alexa in your Mac’s system tray. Unlike the Echo, MacLexa is entirely software based and only listens when you press the option key.

screenshot of MacLexa recording when option key is pressed

Whenever you record a command, it’s sent to Alexa for processing and returns a voice response. Try downloading the binary and asking Alexa to tell you a joke.

MacLexa also lets you process audio client-side and is a great tool for demoing your Alexa hacks without any Amazon hardware.

Follow the instructions in the readme, create an Alexa app, and talk to her.

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