Emoji life

In the 90s I made my dad buy me a book about smileys. He pointed out that I could find every possible combination of sideways smiles via gopher & newsgroups, but I was determined to have it in print.

Today, we’ve swapped sideways smileys for unicode emoji, which are superior in almost every possible way. To say they are immensely popular would be an understatement, we can’t design new emoji fast enough.

They’ve got their own secret meanings. We’ve brought them to life as throw pillows & pool floats. And we’ve built software around them:

Want to extract high quality PNGs from Apple’s official emoji set? Use this Ruby script.

How about programmatically adjusting emoji skin tones? You can do that with JavaScript.

Need help finding the right emoji to complement your text? Use machine learning.

Even if our attention spans are decreasing & language diversity is drying up, I’m sure we’ll all be able to find an emoji to express how we just. can’t. even. 😒

2017 Neal Shyam