$5 3D printed stethoscope

Stethoscopes, basic listening devices, enable doctors to diagnose tons of medical conditions. But, despite their 200 year history and numerous expired patents, even simple models can cost over $100. That’s way too much.

Enter Tarek Loubani’s Glia Free Medical hardware project. Glia designs open source medical hardware that can be built at a fraction of the cost using 3d printing and alternative manufacturing methods. There are several projects in the works including oximeters, a loom for weaving gauze, and surgical tools — but my favorite is the $5 Stethoscope.

photo of 3D printed stethoscope from vosizneias.com

Using DIY silicone molded earplugs, cheap PVC tubing, scrap plastic, and some 3D printed parts (ear tubes, y tube, and head), you can build your own stethoscope that performs as well the industry standard Littmann III. Once again, open source makes the world a better place!

2017 Neal Shyam