OMG stickers

With iOS 10, Apple is finally giving iMessage some love. Special effects, link previews, an app store, and of course - sticker packs.

Grammar Snob sticker pack

Grammar Snob is my favorite sticker pack!

Making stickers isn’t hard, just watch this video or follow Dami Lee’s tutorial. But, if you’ve got Xcode PTSD (like me), there’s another way.

With 1 command, Nico Prananta’s Imsticker app formats & arranges all your sticker images automagically, so you can upload to the App Store with less clicking and Xcode nonsense.

And if you need help sizing your sticker pack’s app icon, MakeAppIcon has you covered too.

Now, if I ever get around to upgrading to Sierra, I’ll make a [email protected] pack just for yall :)

2017 Neal Shyam