Open source jeans

In 1981, Brooke Shields coyly told us that nothing gets between her and her Calvin Klein jeans.

20 years later, Shalom Harlow and the Gap introduced us to stretch denim.

Then about 10 years ago, skinny jeans became a thing and jeggings followed shortly thereafter. Soon, dudes were getting in on skinnies, and today everyone can enjoy multiway stretch denim. And don’t even get me started on different cuts, washes, and distressing techniques. Frankly, denim is bonkers these days.

But what if we had open source patterns? Then everyone would be capable of producing quality, perfect fit denim!

Kyle McDonald and Lisa Kori Chung’s OpenFit project aims to do just that. They’ve built pattern making tools, and a body measurement app that uses Chromakey (green screen) leggings, a Kinect, and Processing. The app masks out everything but the Chromakey color, calculates the contours of your body, and uses the fit data to create custom patterns.

Read more about it at Vice and check out the OpenFit gallery on Flickr.

2017 Neal Shyam