Going biweekly after 3 years

When I started [email protected], my life was very different. I had never been to a hackathon. I barely understood git & APIs. And I desperately needed a creative outlet to get past my boring job in ad tech.

Thanks to some great advice from Kuan Huang at Poncho, I stopped thinking about writing and started doing it.

Since then I’ve published over 160 issues. I changed careers to DevRel. I’ve been to a jillion hackathons (both as a hacker & for Devpost). I’ve written dozens of Chrome extensions. And I started a bunch of video projects The Commit (job advice for hackers) and Wakey Wakey (videos about cool tech, science, and other cool stuff).

But, over the past few months, [email protected] hasn’t been very good. I’ve been pushing myself to publish at the expense of quality. I’m perpetually exhausted and you deserve better.

So here’s the deal: I’m only going to publish when I’ve got something I’m really excited about. Hopefully that’ll be biweekly.

Thank you so much for exploring open source with me and I hope you stick around.

2017 Neal Shyam